It was inspired by the awakening of the Convent Seixo dedicated to meditation, relaxation and release from suffering, providing an unequaled and profound well-being of body and mind.

The atmosphere of the old workshops flooded with natural light. The sound resembles the breeze from the saws, evoking a sense of time in suspension.

The “BODHI” SPA, located in the area of the old workshops, will be where guests can find the heated indoor swimming pool with a dynamic water circuit, with various techniques and therapies, including waterfalls, underwater jets and hydro massage beds. A room for treatments and massages, sauna and two differentiating proposals of therapy by the salt, a float and a hall of haloterapia.

Distinguished treatments accompanied with the incomparable care brand of Elemis. Personalized treatments incorporate formulas that stand out by applying the most innovative techniques with ingredients of natural origin.

Those who visit us immerse themselves in an experience destined to restore the body, but also to rejuvenate the spirit!


An atmosphere inspired by the blue of the crystalline waters contrasting with the granite singular surrounding for meditation, seduces the senses and incites the mind, body and soul to serenity.

Indoor heated pool with a dynamic circuit of water, with various techniques and therapies, composed of waterfalls, different underwater jets and hydro massage beds are used to treat various types of muscular pains.


The fluctuation brings several health benefits, such as revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin, and stimulate blood circulation, having a powerful detoxifying effect. Its use is especially beneficial to the joints and bones, reducing the symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis.

Reduces inflammation and facilitates muscle function by stimulating nerve reactions, helping to eliminate toxins and increase nutrient absorption capacity.

The composition of Epsom salt also regulates the levels of magnesium and enzymes in the body.


Built with salt crystals, ventilation system and set colored light cycles. Halotherapy is a totally natural method based on nebulization of crystalline salt micro particles, which reproduces the conditions of the normally present sea environment on the beaches.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of these saline micro particles initializes the immune system and eliminates muscle tension and stress.